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When mom is happy, the entire family is happier.

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When mom is happy, the entire family is happier.

Maria BAILEY, entrepreneur, CEO of BSM Media

KadinlarArasi: Please, can you tell us about yourself a little?

Maria Bailey: I am the mother of four children and a wife.  Professionally I am the CEO of BSM Media, an internationally known Marketing to Moms firms and media company.  The information below oulines some of my professional accomplishments and endeavors.

Maria Bailey speaks to over 8  million moms a month via television, radio, websites, social media platforms and in print.  Founder of National Mom’s Nite.

Maria Bailey on television:

–          Host of “The Parenting Pipeline on CBS 12 West Palm Beach

–          Founding Host of The Balancing Act on Lifetime TV

–          Host of “Maria Bailey Live” on MomTV

–          National spokesmom for major global brands such as Kimberly Clark, Build A Bear Workshop and Wyndham Hotels.

Maria Bailey on radio:

Host of “Mom Talk Radio”, America’s most syndicated radio show for mothers aired by over 50 stations nationwide

–          Co-host of “Good Day with Doug Stephan” with over 3.2 million listeners in 350 cities across the US

Maria Bailey in print:

–          Author of “ The Women’s Home Based Business Book of Answers”, “Marketing to Moms: Getting Your Share of the Trillion Dollar Industry,” “Trillion Dollar Moms: Marketing to a New Generation of Mothers,” , “The Ultimate Mom Book”, “Mom 3.0: Marketing with Moms by Leveraging New Media and Technology” and “Power Moms”

–          “Smart Mom Solutions” monthly column in OC Family Magazine

Maria Bailey online:

–          BlueSuitMom.com, Founder

–          Smartmomsolutions.com, Founder

–          MomSelect.com, Founder

–          Momsmindpool.com, Founder

–          MomTV.com, Co-founder

–          Newbaby.com, Co-founder

–          Founder of National Mom’s Nite Out

Maria Bailey Blogging, Vlogging and Tweeting:


www.marketingtomoms.com blog

www.janeair.com blog

www.newbaby.com blog




@momtalkradio, 15,000 followers


Maria Bailey in Business:

BSM Media, CEO of BSM Media

Consultant and advisor to top global brands such as Disney, Kimberly Clark, Dell, Zhu Zhu Pets


“South Florida Women Owned Business of the Year” 1999

“South Florida Mom of the Year” 2005

“Social Media Marketer of the Year” 2011

Nielsen, Power Mom , 2010

“Must Follow Mom on Twitter”, Advertising Age

Maria Bailey Serving and Honored:

–          “Women to watch in radio” by Radio and Records Magazine

–          “Sixteen Superpack” of most influential moms by Neilsen

–          Top Work/Life Balance Resource by Inc. Magazine

–          Pregnancy Magazine, Board of Advisors

–          Consumer Electronics Show Mommy Tech Summit, Board of Advisors

–          Named 25 Influential Moms to Follow On Twitter

–          National Mom’s Nite Out, Founder and Producer

Speaking Engagements: Around the world at major corporations and industry events

KadinlarArasi: Todays mothers are very important and you tell how to reach them by your books and your works. How did you decide to work in this subject?

Maria Bailey: I was always in the marketing industry but once I had children I realized that very companies were listening to the needs of mothers. They didn’t ask us how to create better products, they used images of moms that didn’t reflect well on us and they used advertising that in many cases was insulting to our intelligence.  I had 3 children in less than 2 years so I was thrown into motherhood quickly.  It consumed my time and my profession to the point that it collided at some point.  I began focusing on getting the voice of mothers heard by brands and advertisers and here I am today with an international company that focuses on connecting moms and brands.

KadinlarArasi: You’ re the author of “Trillion Dollar Mom $”, “Marketing to Mom” and “Mom 3.0”. So, you’ re explaining to build an effective communication with them. So, how you define the new generation of mothers?

Maria Bailey: I think today’s mothers are empowered with technology that allow them to do more, share more and make wiser decisions.  Most of today’s mothers have embraced this empowerment.  No longer do companies marketing TO moms, they market WITH mothers.  Moms decide what they want to share about products and experiences and they no longer believe everything they hear on commercials or read in magazines.  They research products, ask their friends on Facebook and if they don’t like the way a product performs they blog about it on their blogs. All this technology has empowered moms but it has also placed more demands on her.  She is connected almost 24/7 with more information, more online tasks such as sharing photos of her children or keeping her schedule up to date.  Marketers have to work hard to keep up with the fast paced, high demands of today’s mom and her busy life.

KadinlarArasi: You reach to many moms with your works. What are the most important problems of the mothers and how do you help to them?

Maria Bailey: It seems like that in the poor economy, most questions I get today are around building a business or form of income that can allow them to spend time with their children and produce some revenue for their family.   Today’s mothers don’t see it as an either or situation when it comes to work.  They want to work and be in the home with their children so they want to do both.  Many of the younger mothers are very technology savvy so they are tryign to use technology to create jobs for themselves inside the home.

Universally it seems that finding time for yourself is a topic that is timeless. I’ve been hosting Mom Talk Radio for 12 years and I’ve always had moms asking how to find time for excerise and time for themselves.  I think most moms still feel guility if they take time away from their children but the reality is that when mom is happy, the entire family is happier.

KadinlarArasi: You have a conference in Turkey at 23rd of February. What will you tell us in this conference?

Maria Bailey: First of all, I want to express my gratitude for the invitation to speak in Turkey. I’ve traveled around the world and Turkey is somewhere I’ve never been able to visit so I am very excited to coming to Istanbul.  What I hope to share in my day conference is an examination into the buying behaviors of mothers, why they buy the products they do and how marketers can better connect with them.  I will be illustrating what’s goign in the US in marketing, how we coach companies on developing product and marketing messages that make sense to mothers. I will spend some time talking about how social media is changing the lives of mothers and how companies can get into the conversation with mothers.

KadinlarArasi: Do you want to give a message to Turkish moms through the www.Kadinlararasi.com ?

Maria Bailey: Love to. I’m honored to share my thoughts with women around the world.  I’ve learned from my travels and research that moms are united in many ways and regardless of our race, creed or religion, we are all united in a love for our children, our desire to help them grow into good adults and to contribute to making their world a better one.  I think there are so many issues that divide mothers, issues that the media and other love to focus on, that it’s important for moms to unite and work together in our common goals.  So whether you breast feed or bottle feed, or whether you work or stay at home, or whether you believe in  cloth diapers or disposable, that we do the best we can with what we have but in the end, unite as mothers to have companies make better, affordable and substainable products for us and our families.

I am excited to visit Turkey, to learn more about Turkish mothers and to share some of my insights with those that will hear me speak.

I also invite you to join me on www.globalmombloggers.com to learn from moms around the globe.


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