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Self Motivation is My Daily Focus

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Self Motivation is My Daily Focus

We talked with Lysanne Tusar, who is the founder of  The 8 Estate Winery in Hong Kong, about the details of wine production and her entrepreneurship.

KadınlarArası: Dear Lysanne, can you please introduce yourself to our followers? What were you doing before you have been an entrepreneur?

Lysanne Tusar: Born in Vancouver, Canada, I am of Estonian decent from both of my parents who immigrated to Canada in the 1950’s. I graduated from University of British Columbia in Vancouver and lived / worked in the USA for several years for various beverage companies in PR and Marketing before moving to HK.

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 Hong Kong was the best choice due to the potential of growth within the wine industry in Asia.

KadınlarArası: How did you decide to be an entrepreneur? Why did you select this subject? And why in HongKong?

Lysanne Tusar: Entrepreneuers seem to run in my family, so the idea of being capable for independent ventures was not that foreign. Wine has always been a passion of mine, so combining learned skills in other sectors of the beverage industry with wine was a natural step. Hong Kong was the best choice due to the potential of growth within the wine industry in Asia – with HK leading most of the trends.

KadınlarArası: What were your targets when you set up your business and are you close to your targets

Lysanne Tusar: Because wine is a slow developing product, it naturally demands long term planning and objectives; not to mention a lot of patience! Our targets for production are on track, with about 30-45,000 bottles per year being produced.

KadınlarArası:  Wine production is a cultural subject and should be difficult. Can you please talk about your preparation process? And when did you feel ready yourself that you can start this business?

Lysanne Tusar: The business plan took about 6 months to write and I spent 2 months in HK researching the potentials. Each day since, the business plan has been adapting slowly – I think evolution is important as you need to be flexible enough to flow with any chages that come along, both known and unknown.

 Takes about from 6 months to 2 years before they are ready for bottling.

şarap imalatıKadınlarArası:  How is production story of wine?

Lysanne Tusar: We select fruit from all over the World and produce it in HK. Thus, we try to adhere closely to the standards of development from the originating country by bringing winemakers with the fruit who know how to best produce them. Production time itself (fermenting, pressing etc) takes about 3 weeks and the aging ranges anywhere from 6 months to 2 years before they are ready for bottling.

KadınlarArası: It’s known as “the year of a wine indicates its quality”. Is this thesis valid for every kind of wine?

Lysanne Tusar: The raw material of wine (ie the grape) is very subject to the conditions of each year. So yes, to a degree, the year and the weather of that vintage plays an important role. This is why agriculture can be so difficult at times, we are very much at the mercy of the weather. For our purposes, we have the advantage of not commiting to any particular grapes in advance, so if we know it has been a bad climate year we will not purchase the fruit.

şarap üretimiKadınlarArası:  What types of wine do you produce?

Lysanne Tusar: We produce red, White, Rose and dessert wines. The grapes have orginated in France, Italy, Australia and the USA.

KadınlarArası:  What are the most clasified chracteristics of your wines? Year, aroma, taste, etc…

Lysanne Tusar: Because wine is so personal and diverse, we’ve tried to create a range of wines that are in themselves diverse and interesting. For the most part, the varietals and production methods represent each region very classically. Our first vintage was 2007.

KadınlarArası: How the wine bottles should be storaged in the house conditions?

Lysanne Tusar: Storage in a cool, dark place is always the best if you are not able to have a wine fridge.

KadınlarArası: Do your wines have awards?

Lysanne Tusar: Yes, and our wines have won many international awards against some of the best wines from all over the World.

 şarap üretimi

 High cost does not always equate to wines that you will enjoy consuming.

KadınlarArası: Wine selection is not a difficult subject for the wine experts. But standart wine consumers may not know the critical points of a wine. At which points should they be careful?

Lysanne Tusar: High cost does not always equate to wines that you will enjoy consuming. For the novice, some expensive wines are very complex and strong, which might not be very pleasing. I always recommend going to wine tastings whenever possible to taste a wide range of wines to determine your personal tastes without the pressure of purchasing a whole bottle.

KadınlarArası: To which countries do you sell your wines and from which countries are they demanded mostly?

Lysanne Tusar: We mainly sell only to the HK market with a few private clients in mainland China, Taiwan, Japan etc.

KadınlarArası: Should a wine producer be a good wine expertise at the same time? Or are those two different subjects?

Lysanne Tusar: They do go hand in hand, however the role of a winemaker and that of a sommelier are very different and require indepent schooling.

KadınlarArası: Do you also provide or think educations about wine production and wine taster expertise?

Lysanne Tusar: We provide casual education at our facility, but also host groups from established wine schools. These schools are very valuable for correct education on wine for both the casual drinker and those who wish to be Professional.

KadınlarArası: How did you set up your production and management team? Which expertises are you working with?

Lysanne Tusar: I employ different winemakers every year to oversee the various vintages. I’ve sourced this talent through various industry contacts, the growers and people in the region. Our local management team has been educated from the visiting winemakers over the years, as there are no winemakers operating in HK before us.

 Self motivation is my daily focus and comes from the passion I have for this business.

KadınlarArası: How do you manage to handle the difficulties of your entrepreneurship? How do you keep your self-motivation in your business? And who supports you mostly?

Lysanne Tusar: Truthfully, that is a constant struggle. Being the first business of its sort in this industry in this area, there are constant hurdles that need to be overcome. Self motivation is a daily focus and comes from the passion I have for this business, this concept and the potential for future success. There are some days that are more difficult than others, and on those days I take a step back to not get too overwhelmed by the details and focus on the big Picture. My family, friends and significant other are endlessly supportive and strong for me, and for this I am eternally grateful.

There will be hard days, rely on those who love and support you.

KadınlarArası: What are your messages to the women who plans to start their own entrepreneurship, as an experienced woman entrepreneur?

Lysanne Tusar: There will be hard days and there will be wonderful days. On the hard days, rely on those who love and support you – even reaching out personally to others whom have started business of their own can be very rewarding to realize you truly are not alone. I once had a very well connected acquaintence tell me that she had never met a successful person that did not have massive struggles to overcome. The path from the beginning to success is not straight and simple, expect failures and diversions and learn from each of them.

KadınlarArası: Thank you very much for this kind interview.

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