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My goal is to create a brand in a permanent fashion industry

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My goal is to create a brand in a permanent fashion industry


After working many years in the field of finance and accounting in 2007 and then gradually the spirit of the designer in me, I decided exotik bag design and produce.

The letters of his name and my wife and my sons Hiram and Mihram’ın soyadlarımın head in the first two letters of names created by adding the name of Cashhimi. My goal is not only to make money. Where a lot higher, pulling the impossible Çıtamı giants collide with the world and the fashion industry to create a lasting brand. Kids also took further goals in the future I would like to make this work with Laiki.

Cashhimi as a prisoner of fashion-conscious, but fashion is not chosen as a target group of women who want to create their own style. The easiest way to self-expression in the woman, chosen accessories. The secret of a woman’s appearance and character details, the details are hidden in the accessories. Accessories reflect the inner world of women.

Our designs continue to create all by myself. Although the trends closely follow world fashion trends and the season will use the material before the leather, python, ostrich, chicken legs and croc Based on this magnificent property type and from there the way people starting to çizimeye muhteşemleştiririm saying. Prototype by performing at least one week in every stage of production at the beginning of the workshop will close with bulunarak ustalarımla bag. All of the production, under the same roof is collected in workshop and showroom in 4th Levent and are done by hand.

Clothing is usually very difficult to get out of certain molds. A woman wants to be different and special, that wants to leave the flock, can express himself with the best accessories. Bags are also available for women to express themselves the most prominent accessory. I watched the way with this in mind, and determined the target group. This is the most accurate audience in America I found observing, so the last 2 years in the U.S. focused my studies. NY ‘showroom in its office building and also a lot of work la awarded the giving of goods boutiques. New York City to open store sıvadım arms and if we are living in a crisis, although global demand is still there in the beautiful designs.

In Turkey, if I did not think any of the Retailing. Abroad and wholesale sales production through to Turkey yaratmaktayım employment.

Istanbul and Ankara Mayer at buluşturmaktayım my products to my audience. Services to provide customized design my home to keep the showroomumda or desired.

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