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“patience” is the basis of my work

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“patience” is the basis of my work

Lorenzo Manuel Durán Silva– Artist/ www.naturayarte.es

“I was born in 1969, in Cáceres, Spain. I grew up in Düsseldorf (Germany) and Madrid and now I live in Guadalajara, Castilla-la Mancha, Spain. I studied delineation but I didn’t even looked for a job related to that until I was 36 years old, the moment in which I decided to let the artist I had always had inside express himself.  I am married to Dayli and we have a 6-year-old daughter whose name is María.”

KadınlarArası: We coincided your art while searching in internet. It seems really a raffish work and we are very curious about it; how can leaf reverts to an art? How can be done a detailed work just on a leaf? Our curiosity will be brightened withHUMMINGBIRD1 your answers…

Lorenzo Manuel Durán Silva: Thank you very much for your interest in my work. I think human beings can turn anything into art, that is why we can see marvelous masterpieces done out of any material, and a leaf is just one of them. I have been working for about 5 years now, developing my personal technique and training my hand to be able to “draw” my ideas with a scalpel, so I am ready now to cut more meaningful motives, and soon there will be new pieces with some of these new ideas on my website.

KadınlarArası: How did you find out to make an art with those matters? Are you educated for this? Or has this been arised and developed as an hobby?

Lorenzo Manuel Durán Silva: In 2005 I was suddenly unemployed and I found myself with a lot of free time to think and decide what to do with the rest of my life,  so I started reading and thinking, and one day I prepared a canvas determined to paint a mountain I somehow had wanted to paint for many years, a couple of months later I had finished “Entre cielo y tierra” (Between sky and earth), so I made some more oil paintings, but one day, I was staring at a Catterpillar eating a leaf and that little bug gave the idea of cutting tree leaves instead of paper. I began looking for information and I didn’t find much so I decided to develop my personal technique of cutting tree leaves with a scalpel.

KadınlarArası: I think, this work needs to be very patient and talented, right?

KNOT OF LIF1Lorenzo Manuel Durán Silva: Yes, I think patience is the basis of my work. On the other hand, my wife has always told me about the artistic talent I have inherited for painting, drawing, carving, etc., and I’ve realized she was right when I noticed that my father has been painting oils for friends, relatives and for himself all the time, and when I saw my daughter paint before being able to talk, now she moves constantly from pencils to clay, watercolor, markers, wood, fabric, she needs to “say” through those tools what she thinks, how she feels, what she wants, etc., just like me.

KadınlarArası: In how much time you can complete an item?

Lorenzo Manuel Durán Silva: It depends, some pieces can be completed in few days and some others in months.

KadınlarArası: There are really incredible details on the leafs. Are there any special tools for this art? How can you make such a detailed work on such fine surfaces?

Lorenzo Manuel Durán Silva: I draw the design on a paper and I fix it to the leaf, so the details are on that drawing and I just have to follow it when I cut the leaf, as a template. My special tools are a surgical scalpel and a dental pricking tool which I use to remove the cut parts of the leaf. It was really hard at the begining when so many leaves got ruined, but I decided to improve my movements and practice did the rest,  now I feel more confortable when cutting, just as you may feel when doing anything you are used to doing.

KadınlarArası: What are the processes made on the leafs before you start to work on them? And how do you protect the leafs after you finish your work on them?CORTANDO1

Lorenzo Manuel Durán Silva: First, I collect the leaves (anywhere) and I start drying them right away to store them between papers, as in a herbarium. Most of the times I make the drawing and afterwards I look for a leaf which fits for it, but sometimes I make the drawing based on the leaf, it suggests a motif and I draw it. In both cases I put the leaf with the drawing on the press for a couple of days and when they are perfectly fixed to each other I start cutting the leaf, then I unpeel it under water and dry the piece on the press. Afterwards I apply a wax varnish for proteccion and put it back to the press again. When the piece is finished I store it or frame it directly if needed.

KadınlarArası: Are the people interested in your art? What are their comments generally?

Lorenzo Manuel Durán Silva: Fortunately, many people have expressed their interest in my work and I have received many encouraging and beautiful messages from all over the world, I keep one in mind which really impressed me when I read it because I never thought that my work could make people think this way, and it reads:

 “I have done paper cutting but this is way beyond anything I’ve seen before. I sent your art to my son who is an arborist and here is what he wrote!! Wow! When I see things like that it makes me hesitate to run anything through the chipper!

I noticed in your exibition photo; the different method that you exhibit your arts. They are exhibited forwards by reflected on the wall, which has produced a diffenet effect. Do you use this method especially to increase the effects of your arts?7


Lorenzo Manuel Durán Silva: That method was kindly suggested by the curator of my solo exhibition at the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens  and I tho

ught it was a beautiful way of presenting my work, so I said “yes, go ahead”, but I usually use frames with conventional background instead of that glass-glass presentation, although I wouldn’t mind doing that again in the future.

KadınlarArası:  We wish success and thank you for this joyfull interview.

Lorenzo Manuel Durán Silva: Thank you and best wishes!




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