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The greatest luxury in life is to live with what you truly love

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The greatest luxury in life is to live with what you truly love

Diana Lorence has been living in a house in a forest of the United States with her husband. Name of the house is “Innermost House ” and it’s 13m2. No electricity, no TV, no internet, even she cooks her meals in fireplace… two chairs, a bed and a library.

Diana gives many massages to us in the interview. You will read it excitedly. 

KadınlarArası: Dear Diana, we have seen your video at Facebook by instance. We watched, again watched, again and again… Because there was tranquility, there was ease, there was redemption of desirous life in your video, it was really a lesson for a human being. And, what we see was totally larger than life… We should immediately be acquainted with you and make an interview. We should really get off this wonderful life style to our readers. There are lot of thinks we are curios about this life style… Let’s begin.

Firstly, we would like to know you and your family. What were you doing before that; education, business, daily life, marriage, children..?

Diana Lorence:  My husband and I have been married for thirty years. We have no children, and have mostly lived far from our two families. Neither one of us have a university education, but have pursued our own course of knowledge and experience together. My husband owns a private design business for men which supports our modest needs, and has secured for us the friendship and society of some very interesting people among our craftsmen and clients.

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KadınlarArası: What was the evolution you experienced and how did you decide to live there? Was it easy? We think it may not be such easy, as we look from outside.

Diana Lorence: We made our way by living in many homes in many different places, with each move rethinking and recreating our whole life. Every house taught us something, and because we were always searching and trying, we were always learning. It took twenty years and twenty moves before we finally broke through, but the minute the woods opened up to us, everything became as simple and natural as breathing.

KadınlarArası: Where are you living currently, and in which conditions? How many km are you far from the city center? How many years are you living there, and are you living constantly?

Diana Lorence: Innermost House is located on sixty acres of orchard, woods, hills and streams in an agricultural valley. The town is about 25 km away. It has been our full-time, year-round home for seven years.IMG_1485

KadınlarArası: Can you please talk about your home? How big is it? How did you planned its inner decoration, considering your which necessities according to which standards?

Diana Lorence: The house is about twelve feet square—twelve feet by twelve feet, or about thirteen square meters in total. We did not plan the design or furnishings, but simple felt our way from day to day and let necessity teach us what was to do next. But we had a twenty years of experience living in very small houses by that time, and we had answered most of the questions along the way. Above all, we had learned that our two chairs, the fireplace, and our special wall of books were essential. The house was built around these.

KadınlarArası: Was it difficult to accommodate after this desicion? Because sometimes it may not be possible to think and plan all the details at the same time. Some of them may come up after we start to experience. What were the things which made you stressed after you started to live in your home?

Diana Lorence: There were many unpredictables in building the house, since we avoided using a preconceived plan in order to allow the house to teach us at each new stage what was required. We had no real building experience and had little idea how complex the process would be. In the end there were only a few details that remained to be worked out. For instance, we had intended to use propane for hot water and cooking, but only took a little experience to realize that we prefered to live entirely by firewood to satisfy those needs. The most time-consuming and effortful project after we moved in was to replant native trees and shrubs that had been disturbed during the building process. It took a few years to restore the woods to our satisfaction.

KadınlarArası: Don’t you afraid of? 🙂 How far is your nearest neighbour?

Diana Lorence:  Innermost House is perhaps half a kilometer from its nearest neighbor, and lies in the woods completely concealed from view. Standing even a hundred feet from the house you would never imagine it exists. I don’t think I could live in the woods alone, but with my husband I was never afraid. At the same time, life in the woods is an alert life. You are forever aware of the sounds of the forest, of the calls of the birds, the rustle of trees, the soft footfall of the animals. The dry leaves of the oak tree that shelters Innermost House make the sound of everything from approaching guests to passing deer even to the woodmice audible, so that you are always listening for the unfolding drama of the woods.

KadınlarArası: What do you think about most of the people have ambitions and buckle under their large ego?

Diana Lorence: I really do not think about the way other people live. I only know that I need to live a this way. I don’t think of that way as simpler or smaller or even better, just as what suits me.


KadınlarArası: No electricity, no TV, no internet, even you cook your meals in fireplace… Forgive up the life habits is like forgive up yourself. How did you purified from all the upscales you had? What did you leave?

Diana Lorence: Moving many times is a good way to leave things behind! Finally it is just easier to own nothing but the most important things.  My husband and I do not feel we give up anything important by our life in the woods, and we certainly do not feel we gave up ourselves. We feel that this way of living is coming home to our true selves, and we love every day of our life now. The greatest luxury in life is to live with what you truly love.


KadınlarArası: How do you communicate with all the world? How are you aware of all the things happening in the world? Or do you really need to know? 🙂

Diana Lorence: I prefer not to know what is going on in the larger world. For most of human history, you couldn’t know, so you did what you could to “cultivate your own garden.” Billions of people today know nothing else but the news, so I suppose the world can get along well enough without me! And maybe in my little way I can offer those in need a moment’s retreat from the world, and a chance to rest and think.

KadınlarArası: On the other hand, we think that inevitably you have monetary necessities. How do you fill those needs?

Diana Lorence:  My husband is a custom tailor and room designer. In fact the special “innermost rooms” he designs for clients were our other means of refining our approach to Innermost House.  His clients are his friends and his work is his pleasure, but very little work is required to satisfy our modest needs.

KadınlarArası: Actually, this life style is not just a living syle. Its philosophy needs to be adopted into the life. Do you have some activities to release this life style to the other people?

Diana Lorence: Yes. For us, doing without electricity and living by fire was the single most important thing. We did not do it in order to be old-fashioned or to deprive ourselves of anything. We did it in order to gain access to a wisdom of life that is only visible by firelight. I could not live so luxuriously in a palace as I do at Innermost House, because here I have the luxury of truly seeing.

KadınlarArası: Is there a group of people who decides to live in this life sytle? Is there any communication system to be in contact with the group members?


Diana Lorence: I am unaware of any single group of people who wholly share with me my dedication to living what I call the “Innermost Life.” But lately a few groups have arisen which share aspects of my life in the woods. One is called the “small house movement.” Another is the “simple living movement.” There are now many people who seek to minimize their possessions and simplify their lives, and some write books and have weblogs and speak in public. I have also found some “kindred spirits” among those of the Quaker faith, especially those who practice “waiting worship.” But the one group of people with whom I feel most kinship is the Thoreau Society of Concord, Massachusetts. They are a literary and philosophical organization dedicated to understanding the life and work of Henry David Thoreau, who built his famous cabin on Ralph Waldo Emerson’s land at Walden Pond a hundred and sixty years ago. They publish an international newsletter, share in many conferences, and have an Annual Gathering of interested people every July in Concord. Many people have likened my “Innermost Life” to Thoreau’s years at Walden Pond.IMG_0290

KadınlarArası: Do you think families with small children can adopt in this life style, or should they do?

Diana Lorence:  I think that my kind of life comes naturally to most children, it is only that they are tempted away from it very early these days. I sometimes visit children’s classrooms and ask them to draw a picture of a house. If they are young enough they sit right down and draw an Innermost House! But as they get older they more and more lose themselves and surrender to the fashions of the world. Responsible parents of children now have to make a world of choices that our parents and grandparents did not have to make, and my husband and I did not have to make them either. I think it must be very hard to be a parent today!

KadınlarArası: In the new century, people have mostly  consuming roll. Although there is a common fear of lack of natural resources, crazy wastefulness is almost cannot be prevented. Do you think that people can have a life evolution like yours? Or what can cause the people to decide to live in your life style?

Diana Lorence:  I cannot see into other people’s souls. I can only live my own truth, and hope that others will find a way to live theirs too. We chose this way of life for joy. I suppose that the dwindling resources will call to more and more people to make choices similar to our own, but I would rather inspire change for joy than preach it for responsibility.


KadınlarArası: We are absolutely sure that people who decide to live in this life style have very meaningful thoughts and they have very significant messages for the other people. What you would like to say as a message to our readers, especially for women?

Diana Lorence: What I would like to say I’m afraid will not be what many wish to hear, though I say it with my whole life’s experience. Lead with your needs not with your desires, lead with you weakness not with your strength. The world is only interested in your abilities, so if you wish to be free of the world, then lead with your disabilities. Learn to say no, if possible with grace. In your disabilities and in what you decline to do lies your way home. I would encourage women to try as well as to dream!


KadınlarArası: We really thankful for this kind interview.

Diana Lorence: The pleasure was truly mine. And I thank you for your generous and thoughtful interest. I welcome your readers to write to me personally with questions or stories from their own life at www.innermosthouse.com.

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