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Fashion is a tool not a goal for me

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Fashion is a tool not a goal for me

Deniz MERCAN-Entrepreneur, Designer

Arnavutkoy childhood memories of the most beautiful at / Throat ‘also say that my grandmother was at home. My mother and my father is extremely hard working, very solid intellectual and ethical people.

Typing with my family because they “only” does not explain what is so special and educated people, but to me aşıladıkları philosophy of life, overcome difficulties in my life how important it is to share with you, actually.

I graduated from Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts, Faculty of Textile section. In Istanbul, after working part-time before some of the textile companies in Cambridge / Mileston summer school (for language training) and then in Italy again, I went to learn Italian Universita’per Stranieri’de.

And I find my job in 1987, first in Italy (Bologna), I began to live. Important stylists (Valentino, Armani, Ferre ‘, Nikos, JPGaultier, Cerruti etc.). Licensor of swimwear and underwear Valentino and I were a company’ s brand of young Oliver’s career began with designing lingerie.

The first stage was difficult to work in Italy. This is a very strong sector in the country-our way-fashion designers and thus grow stronger. Had to work hard and be ambitious to be there among them … 20 hours a day trying to remember.

Then my career in the same company Cerruti (knitwear), Emporio Armani (men’s underwear) … .. I kept making brands like designs.

In 1992 A girl is born, Sofia Silk Giostrelli, then keep on working as a freelance designer with various countries and firms.

Since 2003 in the Netherlands live. Country specific about my life to change completely. But I must tell you that live in different countries to learn their culture and language as a great wealth of people gave me.

Besides the collection is sure to be always connected with a social responsibility project show …

Designing collections, especially idealistic personality traits that a designer would like to remind you – impressed by what is happening around me. I do travel a lot to see and very naturally, a lot of people get to know them next to the collection of various articles I share … care to show it is always connected with a social responsibility project. Fashion a case can address a very wide audience. Thus, thanks to fashion some problems can take on these issues can also alert the attention. I’m trying to do it.

Fashion is a tool not a goal for me...

Sofia ‘concept of the babies … but it actually turned out like that on the morning of 24 April 23 April Children’s Day celebrations that you read the newspaper on the internet, yellow plastic, with a tiny hole in her boots with photographs of dancing was very impressed. Another mold for a long time, so it hurts my heart to remember. Had finished high school in Sofia for a hard-designer of a mother will make him the most beautiful gift to be thinking about gift-a collection. But that morning, the sight of this photograph, only this collection of Sofia ‘is not country or can not be lucky enough to Sofia to present all the children thought it would be more accurate. Girl with a t-shirt designed, manufactured by textile companies in Izmir, one of the major claims, the income of the products sold on this issue at present is a reliable organization, whether to read the tiny girls tried to help. Although I hope yararımız küçükte touched.

Training of each child, as improvisation, before we think of his mother country assumes the other, next to the civilized countries alabilmesinin, especially girls, has been linked with the training we can see to what extent.

I like Sea coral designs, neutral colors (beige / gray / stone color) stain with the primary (red / yellow / blue / green, etc.) to use the colors of these colors. My collections think it adds a certain dynamism.

I like to create in the fabric of the knitting fabric knitting machines gidiyor.Çünkü a bid limits, so that other knitted or woven materials with interesting textures yaratabiliyorsunuz.Ve machine-knit piece to find outfits. When I’ve done designs with simple, wearable, but at the same time is very special you’ll see the details.

In addition, the overall design of each type of “form” is a very important balance given a form to try and capture the objects I design.

Each designer judge believe in having a few categories. So, type in the swimwear and knitwear, underwear and again in the winter preparing machine-knit piece combining the collections.

I want to talk about why government was a woman about 24 years living abroad, designer, entrepreneur, the Italians of their commitment to women (according to the statistics, female / male equality provided a real sense, is one of the European countries, even women who are not even a little more dominant, it can be said) as a result the Italian entrepreneur women’s self-confidence. In the Netherlands this situation is slightly different, male / female equality or do you feel here, the women to take important decisions, tasks, and also, perhaps more than you succeed with. But because of social structures (in Italy the concept of family is important and is hot, especially the mother) affairs than the sterile, cold.

But in both countries as a woman-only-on extrajudicial saw all the support and assistance. I felt myself as a woman but as human beings.

Turkey is also trying for almost 15 years as a consultant with various companies for many years .. at the beginning of the difficulties of being women shaped heads, the “woman” image is still unchanged. So we as smart as men, unable to decide to have a structure that makes sense and free thought, of consciousness at the bottom to have, be.

The first few years can tell you a lot of difficulty, free and clear my mind when I say the wrong way are treated, there were times that are hard to explain again. However, accurate and innovative ideas that are often not taken seriously … And I saw around me convinced to be able to prove the accuracy of energy, giving a man tried twice. In recent years, thanks to this new generation of businessmen, I can tell has changed. Work on a particular reputasyonum not live there, and great challenges.

But I must say that in Turkey to be able to get it “still” have a lot of time and energy.

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