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Entrepreneur Woman: Daniel Kostova

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Entrepreneur Woman: Daniel Kostova

“We do it with all our love and soul”

Daniela KOSTOVA- Entrepreneur, designer

Before you start design, you have to know: « Be prepared to work more then you could ever imagine » Gerald Yosca – american jewellery designer.

Fashion is the universe that makes you dream of glamour and fortune, celebrity and glory. But fashion is also personal thing, very personal. In DANNYRA we always accept fashion like person + style. To create jewels is  passion, that makes you endlessly and permanently desire to create more colours, models, ideas. We give so much time for this, but we do it with all our love and soul. You make a new world around you,  inviting the universe from nothing, with no limits, to realise one dream.

The opposite side of  the creativity is the reality – suppliers, business plan, new costumers, strategy, marketing. You may fill sometime insecure, unable to take risk… It is no easy at all, but finaly you have something inside you that tells you “continue…continue”.We are truly involved and we do our jewels with all passion we could. We try to offer inspiration, fantasy, feminity, joy and colours, colours, colours! The jewels are unusual combination of materials- real flowers with semi-precious stones, lace, glass, pearls, leather, feathers.

In this way we are trying to touch the artistic side in each woman, sometime maybe unknown from the person. It happens that you don’t know the design before you start making the jewel, the creations are something that you can’t  always  control. Very often you have an idea of what you want to do, but when you start, the flower wants to meet the lace and not the pearls, the leather don’t want to get associate with silver. But you know ,more is imprevisible, more you are exited. So you leave the jewel takes you where it wants, in different way. The designer is only the instrument for creating. The power is in the jewel.

And here are some photos of our collections. We make two collections per year, trying to put the season trends into personal creations.

Fill your life with colour!!!


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