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We give them the opportunity to express themselves creatively.

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We give them the opportunity to express themselves creatively.


Consumers require exclusive products by the years 2000. Especially the children are the most considerable actors of this development. They always desire the most different, the newest, the fastest… Bobbi-Toads is a great idea, we would like your products to be sold also in Turkey:)

KadınlarArası: Can you please speak about yourself?

Jecki Stanley: My name is Jacki Stanley, and I am a 23 year-old American, orginially from Chicago.

KadınlarArası: What were you dealing with before Bobbi-Toads? How did you decided to be an enterpreneur? How did idea of Bobbi-Toads come out?


Jecki Stanley: The idea of Bobbi-Toads came from a dream that my dad had while we were on vacation when I was younger.  In May of 2012, he retired from working at our family print shop, I graduated from the University of Miami, and we decided to turn this dream into a reality.

KadınlarArası: Can you please speak about Bobbi-Toads? What is Bobbi-Toads? Who are your target audiences

Jecki Stanley: What’s distinct about these shoes are the embossed “toenails”
on the caps of the shoes that can be painted with nail polish.  The polish can then be taken off with nail polish remover, just as you would your own nails, and can be repolished as often as the girl’s outfit or mood changes. Our target market is girls around ages 4-10, and we typically advertise toward moms and grandmothers who have daughters/granddaughters in that age group.

bobbi-toads-ayakkabiKadınlarArası: In which countries are your products sold? Does Bobbi-Toads is sold in online market?

Jecki Stanley: Bobbi-Toads are currently being sold in America, and has prospective retailers in Australia, Germany, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Spain.  In America, Bobbi-Toads are mainly sold online.

KadınlarArası: How is the interest for your products?

Jecki Stanley: Little girls have been absolutely loving the shoes because Bobbi-Toads give them the opportunity to express themselves creatively as often as they’d like.  Moms are enjoying them, too, because it is a unique and safe alternative to polishing your fingernails, and they get more irreplaceable memories to cherish with their little ones.

Jacki Stanley

KadınlarArası: By who are you supported as an enterpreneur?

Jecki Stanley: I am supported by retired entrepreneurs who donate their time and share their expertise in a program at the University that I attended.

KadınlarArası: What are your following targets for Bobbi-Toads?

Jecki Stanley: Our target is 4-10 year-old girls, but will be extending our line in the future for both younger and older girls.

KadınlarArası: Thanks al lot for this joyfull interview.

Jecki Stanley: Thank you for this opportunity!  I am excited to see how people like Bobbi-Toads in your country:)

Jacki Stanley




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