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Be Ambitious and Aim High

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Be Ambitious and Aim High

Jessica RoseFounder and Director of London Jewellery School

Multi-award winning entrepreneur and jewellery business expert Jessica Rose is the Founder and Director of the London Jewellery School, the world’s largest jewellery training centre. She set up the business aged just 21 in 2009 with only one class a month from a community hall in South London. Now the school is a huge success having trained over 7,000 students with the running of over 50 fun and professional jewellery classes per month.  

We made joyous interview with Jessica Rose, who trains professional jewellers for the jewellery industry.

KadınlarArası: Dear Jessica,  we have read your story and discovered that you are an entrepreneur of a very assertive subject. How did you decide this business? What was your biggest motivation to start such a big business?

Jessica Rose: The London Jewellery School developed from a lack of high quality jewellery courses in London; there are several brilliant jewellery training courses all over the UK, especially in Birmingham, Cornwal and Bristol, but not in London. Having learnt my own jewellery making skills from a variety of short courses, I found there was a market for the same in London. What started off as me teaching one class a month in a South-London community centre, steadily grew and we are now based in London’s jewellery quarter, Hatton Garden. We have 25 professional jewellers who teach our wide range of courses, which is great as our students are learning from people who really know what the industry is like to work, design and make in.



KadınlarArası: What were you studying before starting your business?

Jessica Rose: I studied Psychology at University, but after a while I decided that University was not the right option for me. I then worked for about a year and saved enough money to get a similar amount loaned from a bank, in order to start London Jewellery School.

KadınlarArası: Were you educated at design , especially the jewelleries?

Jessica Rose: I had been making jewellery for about six years before setting up the London Jewellery School. I have not had any formal jewellery training, but my passion for jewellery making stemmed from the very first day course I went on when I was about 17 – I was hooked from that point on.

1741-420-315-0-0-420-315KadınlarArası: Can you please speak about your school, London Jewellery School? What type of education you are giving to your students? Who are mostly interested with this education? You are also giving certificated educations, right? In other words, you provide your students to acquire career.

Jessica Rose: We offer a wide range of over 80 courses in a variety of jewellery making techniques. We have day courses, evening taster classes as well as longer 5 or 6 day classes. We also offer four Diplomas courses, which vary in length from 2 weeks to 1 year.  Our students are as diverse as our courses in age and ability – we cater for beginners as well as people who are looking to start, or develop their jewellery business.


KadınlarArası: Almost every woman is interested in jewellery. How do your students sustain their career in jewellery? Do most of your students start their entrepreneurship abour jewellery, by selling their designs in online or offline marketing? Or, are they hired by professional jewellery companies?

Jessica Rose: There are many routes into working within the jewellery business. We offer a range of jewellery business courses at LJS, which aim to give jewellers the business knowledge they need to succesfully run a sustainable jewellery business. Our students who go on to create their own businesses sell their work in a variety of ways, including online, in galleries, shops and by accepting commissions. Sometimes larger designers and jewellery makers advertise for assistants on particular collections and for young jewellers this is often a great way to develop their skill base.








KadınlarArası: Besides the general jewellery designs, there are authentic jewelleries of different cultures of  some countries. Do you provide educations about this kind of authentic jewelleries? Or are your courses only about general jewellery designs?

Jessica Rose: We have quite a few international students who come to LJS to study on the Diploma courses, as well as people who come just for a specific course, or for something to do as part of their holiday in London. All of these students, as well as our London based students bring elements of their own lives and cultures into the jewellery they design and make, so there is always a multi-culutural feel in our studios.

KadınlarArası: Do you have a franchise in any other country, or are you planning to open?

Jessica Rose: We have just moved into larger studios in London, so we are not planning on franchising the London Jewellery School anywhere else just yet.

KadınlarArası: Is it difficult to be a woman entreprenour in your country? What type of government supports for women entrepreneurs?

Jessica Rose: As long as you have a strong vision for your business, enough determination to get it going, put the hours in to maintain and grow the business – then you will succeed.  London Jewellery School is privately funded and all of us at LJS put a lot of time and effort into working to sustain, promote and ensure that London Jewellery School stays true to our ethos, that ‘everyone can make jewellery’.

KadınlarArası: What problems mostly do you face with being as a young woman entrepreneur? And what is your best self-motivation facts to come over of those problems?

Jessica Rose: The two most important thngs about running a successful business are, firstly to make sure that you have a good business model and financial plan, which you regularly monitor – and secondly to employ the right people; I have a brilliant team of staff and professional jewellery tutors, all of whom, together with our students, make the London Jewellery School what it is today.

KadınlarArası: You have also won an award about your entreprenourship. It’s really very important that entreprenourship is 1382105785-LJS4_526_385_80_c1_center_centerawarded. Can you please talk about this?

Jessica Rose: I am always really greatful to win an award – but they are never just about my achivements, as the successes of the London Jewellery School are always very much a team effort between the staff, tutors and myself. I wouldn’t say that it is imperitive to win awards as an entrepaneur, you just need to have belief, confidence and a great network around you, so that your business can offer the best possible service.

KadınlarArası: What are your targets for your business for the future?

Jessica Rose: I’m not that great forward thinking planner, but we are always coming up with new ideas to offer our students, things to do in our studios and online – so our focus over the next couple of months and on into 2014, is to develop the online resources we can offer students and to keep offering our high standard of jewellery training from our Hatton Garden Studios.

KadınlarArası: What do say as a message to Turkish woman who are planning to be entrepreneur?

Jessica Rose: In essence, three things: when choosing to set up a business or venutre, make sure it is something you are totally dedicated to and really care about; be ambitious and aim high – you can make it happen if you really want to; and then just go for it! Don’t wait, start making your action plans and get your buisness going!

KadınlarArası: We really thankfull for this kind interview.

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